Sunday, April 19, 2009


G,day folks
Arrived in Nice, bought the pull along thingo (Carrix), and the guy
showed me some of the latest and greatest. I bought a super lightweight top and pants, both waterproof. They qre great. The top has been worn each day.
Then went to Arles. Asked an AfroFrench girl for a cheap place to stay and no surprise, she found me one. It was grotty, but the people were nice. Sent some things to my niece in London and some more to Pamplona (spare socks and such.)
The Carrix and I performed comic tricks for interested observers as I struggled to use it and then shift it onto the train. (The trick is to remove half the arms and wheel it like a wheel barrow. For those of you with no clue about this, you could look up
and see some pictures of happy campers travelling easily with their friendly Carrixes.
After so,e quick sight seeing in Arles went to Avignon. Wonderful! Marvellous! And that,s just the prices. 32 euros for a grotty room in the cheapest accommodation. The town, though is wonderful, and I,ve taken lots of photos of the Papal palaces, the bridge, and the nearby townships.
Today went to Vaison. Stayed half an hour and went to Orange. Cheapest place to stay in Vaison was 45 E. ARGGHH. Felt really down, because my daily budget is 30E. Loved Orange. The Roman theqtre is unbelievable. So big! Hotel is VG and 32 E. sigh. Basically everything here is the same price as in Oz but in Euros. Oh well, sooner i start the camino; the better.
Apologies for qll the errors. The French keyboard is different.

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