Saturday, August 22, 2009


(Actually there were 16 around the table in Arzua.) Despite what I said, it became clear that to stay at Monte del Gozo was impractical in the extreme. Pack up and get out by 10, then book in again sometime after 1:30. Bang, the day´s gone.
Flemming left about 6:45 and after humming and haa-ing (we say these things but how to spell them!) I packed and walked to Compostela. Only got lost once, which is better than last time. I have a triple room for 25€ per night in A Nosa Casa where I stayed in 2000. Currently I will leave on Monday, but still have little idea where I´m going.
I pIcked up the Eurail pass from the PO but to my mild surpise and irritation it is for France only, whereas the previous one was for Spain and/or France. I really wanted to spend more time in Spain, so I guess I´ll just have to spend extra money on travel. I had ordered an E-Book from Franklin but it has not come. Would someone at home please check if it has gone there, please? If so, I wont have to look here, but I´ll eventually be sending it back for a refund.
Before I left the Albergue this morning I met Petra who has invited me to her place in Germany. I confirmed with her that I will stay with her after spending a day or three with Manfred and Luciana. (I´m ticking off the countries. Yes, I shall breezily say, I have been to Germany and Switzerland, and little will they know the tiny length of time spent or the microscopic parts of those countries I will have seen. It´s a bit like saying I´ve been to Spain, when all I´ve seen so far is the deep north.)
The feet are groaning from yesterday´s effort but there are no new problems. I´ll take it easy today and tomorrow so they should settle down. Several of our toutring group of pilgers I have seen this morning and arvo. People seem well and fit enough if a trifle dazed.
Compostela is bustling today with pilgrims and locals plus tourists. Shops are all busy, with hustlers out trying to entice the unwary in. There was a market this morning but I had no time to shop then so i had an aspargus omelette with bread and water for lunch. It was OK. I´ve now got the job of trying to find a place where we can celebrate my b´day this evening. There could be 12 people there which makes the search a little more interesting than just what´s on the menu.
ALSO I have to get my Compostela, the certificate to show I´ve walked the requisite distance. I went to the office before lunch but the queue was so long I had visions of fainting again.
Anyway, it´s 2:45 and time I was a-doing.
God bless you all

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