Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello everyone
An hour ago I was typing an email when I checked the tickets and they zere for the wrong day, so a trip to the station, all is well, and I'm writing again.
Three TGVs within 1/2 hour to Paris all booked out! So an alternative route. I go to Lyon on the sleeper tonight, then go to Geneva and on to Zürich tomorrow. Bordeaux was very quiet this morning and the weather was overcqst which kept the temperature down. Humidity has been high all day, and the sun has now been shining for an hour (it's 6.30pm).
Of course it's Sunday, the traditional family day. I orgqnised the tickets this morning, then bought lunch to have in a park. It's called Jardin Public and is part natural museum, part botanical garden, part trees and lawns. It was very pleasant with walkers, joggers, and cyclists making the rounds. There were families and parents with kids as well as the young and not so young lovers. The sparrozs and pigeons feasted on my leftovers and I strolled around. Then I looked over two museums, Musée Arts Decoratif and Musée Aquitaine. In both I claimed the Tarif réduit. Half price.
The first is in an old very grand house and covers household goods - furniture, pianos, ironwork, locks, pottery and crockery, curtains, pictures and so on. They have a first rate selection of portrait miniatures. As I went higher the building got hotter until in the servants' quarters under the roof it was dreadful. The girl in charge up there sensibly stayed downstairs until she had a customer.
The other I chose to just see the permanent collection which starts with old stone age but after the middle ages I'd had enough and scarpered. The quantity and quality of the stuff was very high, and a lot was the best I'd seen. A copy of Eleanor of Aquitaine's effigy was there but I've forgotten where she was buried. In some covent or monastery, I think.
That's about it. I'll have an early meal and get back to the station in plenty of time to get the luggage (gosh, it's heavy) and to the right platform.
God bless you all

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