Friday, September 4, 2009


G´day All
We made a night of it last evening. I was in bed by 12.10 but the others partied on. Barry and Deanne leave today on the 6pm bus. Jean spends tomorrow in the Parrador (5 star), courtesy of her parents while Sabine and Stephanie go to Finisterre. June Masuda is thinking of walking but with the weather so hot and the second day 37 km it is not a good idea. I hope to talk her out of it. I´ll go to the bus station to farewell B abd D. They are good friends and strong Christians.
I spent all up about an hour and a half in the PO today, posting stuff to London, France, and home. You take a ticket and line up to purchase the mail bag. Then you get another ticket, retire to address and pack the bag, then wait in line to pay for the postage. To Oz it is terribly expensive, and under 2kg has to fly. Today I protested so the lady sent the packet of presents seamail. Sorry Family, you will get your pressies in three months time!
The jacket arrived today so I returned the other one. One more chapter closed.
Then there was pilgrim mass and at the end the bota did fly! I used the video facility and it looks to have worked a treat. It should show up well in a presentation. The cantor lost her voice during it, and the priest took over, singing the last verse and a half. I sang along but as I dont know the words ... Barry saw a girl returning from communion with the wafer in her hand and laughing, so he grabbed her arm and told her to be respectful. She was suitably chastened.
After, we all had a big lunch for 6.50€ at Manolo´s. They feed lots of people so don´t like table-fulls sitting around talking. We were happy to go as we all had things to do. B and D shopped and packed, the other shopped and flaked out in the heat, and I walked to the station to reserve my sleeper. 28€ just to reserve. I leave at 10.30 tonight and will stay in Toledo overnight before returning to Madrid. Then I THINK I will got to Granada (34€) but will think on it. My hostal is looking after my bag, for which I am VERY grateful.
ANyway, with sweat running off me (no aircon in the computer place) it´s time to go.
Next email will be from a different city, and my camino is now officially over.
Once again, God bless you all.

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