Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good evening!
There was no interest in buying the Carrix, no doubt fostered by the hospitallero who, after initial interest, decided that it was too dear and therefore not worthwhile (irrespective of benefit). There were two women who would have benefited but they both knew everything ... Well, all one can do is show and offer and it's up to the customer. I've posted it home seamail.
The first bus to Irun (on the border with France) was 6pm so I went to Bilboa and saw the Guggenheim museum. The major exhibition is on the Aztecs so I'm very glad to have gone. I then strolled through town and caught the bus to Irun, arriving there just after 6pm. The Bilboa bus station was very well organised with a central info system, whereas the Pamplona one is a shambles.
In Irun missed the last train to Bayonne by an hour. A French couple took me to their home town of Biarritz only to discover the last bus had gone, so they drove me on to Bayonne! How good is this?
I booked into the hotel, had an expensive but excellent meal, and had the best night's sleep for a while. No shower available(!) so washed evening and morning at the hand basin. Not my favourite way of doing things.
In the morning I picked up the goods I'd left in storqge and wandered over to the Cathedral. The priests then started morning prayers. There were 9 priests, the youngest being older than me, with most in their 80s. The cantor intoned and the rest intoned in reply, about a minor third lower. As they progressed the chants became a little more interesting, but all were pitched much lower than any I have previously heard. The Cathedral is being restored as it is in quite bad shape, though interesting.
Today I'm off to Bordeaux and as the train leaves at 11.16 I will most likely stay there overnight. It is Saturday today so goodness knows what the train service will be like then. Not sure zwhere I'll go, either. I'm due in Zurich on Monday or Tuesday.
God bless you all

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