Saturday, June 20, 2009


Good morning or evening to you all!
Woke yesterday with a sore throat so took the bus to |Burgos. Went to the Centro de Salud and the receptionist asked me for my card. I gave her the credencial. After a bit of argy bargy she accepted me and \i saw a doctor who decided my complaint was not likely to infect pilgrims in a refuge, and prescribed Algidol, a powder to be taken three times daily with water.
Fekt better as the day wore on. Went to Decathlon and bought a good pair of sandals. Ruined by then. Ate with others in the albergue - a small place with me supplying the bread. Just by a fluke I bought a whole loaf but I had been expected to feed all six of us. As i say, a fluke. A US couple from Indiana (no Dick, they don't know you. Strange isn't it?) made a salad, and Laura the hospitallera made soup with dumplings and a pasta. After we sat around and had a brief prayer and reflection service. Really, a very special time.
Today went to the cathedral for a service then the museum. They are doing a fantastic job on this world heritage building. I really felt dreadful but again it's not too bad right at this moment.
I'm being summoned for dinner, so I hope to send 14a later.

Burgos de Raneros statue

Burgos de Raneros PC (not sure what the 'PC' is - I'm just using Dad's captions)

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