Thursday, June 25, 2009


Had a bocadillo (sandwich made from a baguette) tyoday in the plaza outside Burgos Cathedral. Main reason - I´d used their toilet. Sat outside and when the waiter appeared called out ¨Senor¨and then ¨Senor¨when I thought he hadn´t heard me. He replied, ¨"Senor, Senor" with a grumbled aside in Spanish. I asked for a bacadillo with ham, cheese, tomato, and lettuce and was told very firmly that the last two were not possible. They WERE possible at a little village a couple of days ago when the lady proudly produced a "Bocadillo Grande" for me. Yes, it was huge. I´ve also got pat the asking for a glass of orange juice. In France it´s jus d´orange. In spain it´s zumo de naranja. It was a nice enough meal but missing the vitamins and minerals I need.
After lunch saw the monastery or our Lady of Miraflores, a Cistercian, silent establishment. The monks can talk for an hour once a week, apparently. Despite thsi stricture, there are 23 monks living anf praying there. It is a very large walled establishment. Visitors are allowed into the church and its associated chapels which included much fine carved timber in the choirs, some interesting frescoes, some outstanding 16th and 17th c statues and effigies, and the usual gold froth and bubble from the 18th c.
Over the entrance to the main church was the sentence Felix Coeli Porta which I guess is something to do with it being a happy thing to do, to enter the portal leading to heaven. A bit different to the one in England which says this is a terrible place. The door leading off to the cloister was about 5 ft tall. Even short monks would have had to bob down.
Could not convince the hospitallera to allow me to stay two days so I harnessed up and walked to the third albergue I knew of, in a park on the outskirts. Met a few friends including the two young american girls who made up their minds to walk two stages in two days. One in particular is feeling the pain, but it´s great they´ve decided to put in the effort to keep up.
The cheapest place around, we were told, was in the uni opposite. Sure enough we had a uni caf meal of two plates (egg and bacon, and fish, chips and lettuce, as well as bread, water and wine.) 4€. Not bad at that. And we had a nice time chatting. Cornelia, a German who has to go home tomorrow with a toe infection, and the two US girls, both just 20.
Anyway, with my throat starting to hurt again and its being 9.45pm, now´s the time to hit the sack.

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Charlie said...

We loved Burgos. Lots of memories come flooding back. Still to meet John further along the Camino