Monday, June 29, 2009


Woke this morning with a dreadful tightness across my shoulder blades. I think I went out to it quickly and did not cover them up. I could not breathe deeply or cough until the arvo.
Set out for Castrojeriz which I bussed to last time after being violently ill. I had the idea it was 23 km and so was fairly motoring when I caught up with friends. Hmmm. It´s really 38.5 km. What to do? We decided to make for Hornillos (halfway) but the albergue was already full. Then started a sprint with people desperate for accommodation. The next place was abandoned, which left another just 9km or so from Castro. We made it there and the available places were very few. By this time I was butchered but I saw a car with Castrojeriz Hotel on it. When the bloke fronted to drive away I stopped him and asked for a lift. WooHOO! On the way the heavens opened with a violent storm of giant drops and hail. Asked the bloke how much for the night and he said 25 I thought. After accepting it turned about to be 35€, pretty dear but I was ruined and anxious. I had to go to the Farmacia and also hand in the lower legs of some trousers left behind at a cafe. I sure hope the owner can get them. Then I saw Manfred who spent the whole weekend at the monastery at Silos (I am sure I told you the story of the GREAT RIPOFF and he organised a light meal for me with Italian friends. They speak very little Eng and I no Italian but we get on well. Hard to believe isn´t it?
Found that my walking friend from last week - Peter from Sydney - has wrecked his feet and will have to return to Burgos to recover. His wife isn joining him in a couple of weeks to walk the last 100 km so I hope he´s ok in his feet and mind by then. He´s just been driving himself way too hard, and is the bloke I called the CEO. He may have retired but the time still rules his life.
Anyway, when I made the hotel (and they have washed and dried my clothing) I stripped off, poured a bath, stepped in and fell asleep. No way I could drown as it was too short to lie down fully in. I was out to it for nearly an hour.
Tomorrow´s trip is to Fromista and is 24km. Yes, I have checked.
God bless and keep you all.

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