Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy birthday from Kate

Today is Dad's 69th birthday and it is also the 2 month anniversary of his death.
It has been a really difficult day, with some special moments. I've been very aware of the person Dad is/was and so thankful for the years I am blessed to have known him. Years ago, a friend said how lucky I was to have Dad as my father because life with him would be so much fun and I'd be laughing all the time. When I told Dad, he laughingly dismissed it, saying it was a good thing she didn't know the reality. While I admit that life with Dad wasn't endless fun and entertainment, his enthusiasm, love, generosity and love of jokes and anecdotes brought warmth and welcome to our home.
Right now, I'm finding it difficult to believe that Dad's really gone. I keep expecting him to call me, or to be there when I visit my parents' house.
June 3rd will always be Dad's birthday and I'm sad knowing that all future celebrations will be without him.
I love you, Dad - happy birthday!

(L-R) Dad, Deb, Mum, Kate, Brea and Mike during our holiday to Port Douglas, August 2008.

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Virginia ("Ginn") said...

I am a cancer surviver. I returned home from my own Camino just last week and today discovered your Dad's blog. My heart goes out to you as you navigate the rivers of grief. What joy your father found in his Camino experience and what a legacy he has left for those he shared that experience with. May you find comfort and may good memories buoy your spirits.

Virginia J. Pulver