Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Went to Cizur >Menor yesterday. 5 yrs ago there were just 12 places in the private albergue. Now there are at least 52 and the lady is building a further 2 storey place. The numbers of pilgrims so early in the year has taken us all by surprise. People are leaving really early to be first in line at the next place. really, there won´t be much of a problem as people will spread out. Some will go 25-30 km and others 15 to 20. The weather has been just superb for the last 4 days. We have been promised a week of fine weather but yesterday got ot 30! Even the locals can´t believe it as they had very heavy rain for over a week and before that - snow!
Picked up the parcel I sent myself to the PO. System worked well.
Budget is holding up better. Refuges 6-7 € and evening meals 8 -10€. Starting to buy food and make lunch but this doesn´t save much as a bocadillo is cheap. (Baguette sandwich, usually with cheese and ham.) Can buy 1.5 l of water for .40€ or so. When the refuges have cooking facilities >I´ll have to start that. Pity. It´s nice to have someone else do it.
Walked today to Puenta la Reina to a newish alberge. To get more business as they are at the other end of town, they organised for free transport of our backpacks. A great offer most took up. I´l see if I can use the guy´s services for tomorrow as well. (That´s as far as he goes.)
Tried to get on to Netbank. Sorry says the message at last. We are starting a you beaut service which will be available tomorrow. Gee thanks I say.
Gotta go

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