Sunday, May 17, 2009


G´day Folks
The unseasonably hot weather continues. We are starting as soon as possible but when I need to go to the loo before starting the day this does mean it´s closer to 8am than 7 when we get going.
Road building has made our routes problematic. Today´s was much longer than it should have been and involved much uphill and down dale. With the Carrix this made it very difficult, as opposed to yesterday when our bolsas (backpacks) were transported to Puenta la I made a detour need the end of the stage and saw the old >templar church of S Maria at Eunate. Very nice. Stayed in a new albergue which was spacious and even nicer!
Today we are in Estella, a place groaning with medieval stuff. The albergue is a buit tired but OK. It costs only 5.5€ incl breakfast

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