Monday, May 25, 2009


Walked fairly easily today through Torres del Rio where there is a marvellously well preserved 12th c Templar church in the shape of an octagon. Last time I walked on by but this year we got in! It´s very interesting and moving.
Then on to Viana (Bee-AH-na) where most of the sights are wrecks on the way to ruins or ruins. It is a good albergue with a large kitchen and larger dining room like an old Hall in England. It was 19 km and unfortunately three of my friends chose to walk on and extra 10 km. Only one is left, and he is a polyglot and very out going so is the life of the party in french, German, Italian (that´s this evening), and Spanish. No doubt someone else will come out of the wood work.
Went to the pilgrim mass at 8 and the yound priest made it very clear that the communion was for catholics in good standing etc etc so against my usual judgement I did participate in it. There was a blessing after, and the chapel itself was most interesting, with several of the old manuscripts out on display. There were also the usual doleful saints with a bit of them exposed on arm or chest.
Gotta go

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