Sunday, May 17, 2009


G´day again
the Euro
It´s worth more than the Aussie dollar so our money doesn´t go as far. It is dearer here in Spain than five years ago but cheaper than in France for most things. There are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent as well as 1 and 2€ coins. Then there are 5, 10, 20, 0, and 100€ notes. We pilgrims tend to hold out a hand full of change when we buy something as at first we hand over a notre for each opurchase. Then with pockets bulging from coins, we can usually buy food and so on with the change.
Today is Saturday (Sabado) and all the shops shut at 2pm or before. Some remain shut until Monday, and those that open on Saturday and especially Sunday are not open at all on Monday, or until Monday arvo. We went looking for food at 2pm and it was not until 3 that we actually ate. There were four of us - Jean-Guy from New Brunswick in Canada, fluent in French and English, his walking companion Gertrude from Germany (she attached herself to him as someone safe and is never far away from him), Peter from Sydney, and me. We were in a bar and they weren´t going to make bocadillos or ensalata mixta for anyone. So we had naranja (orange juice) and tapas, small portions of food on a central plate. J-G also had coffee and the total was 17€. 4€ each and a pleasant time.
Peter and I then went looking for a chemist (Farmacia) as he has blister and cracked feet probs. We got Compeed for the blisters OK, but to get the totally Spanish speaking chemist to understand what was required for P´s feet was difficult. We knocked the first one back as it seemed to be cosmetic for women (sorry ladies if that is offensive). So we chose another that looked more medical and I went through the instructions.
We worked out that the feet must be washed then thoroughly dried (secos) before the treatment was applied. Noticeable improvement in one week was a bit disappointing. P wants it to be by tomorrow morning. I made it clear that it was not to be an exfoliating treatment. Yep, she really understood that bit. Let´s hope we´ve made a suitable choice. One of P´s blisters is infected already and this is quite serious.
Then we found a supermercado about the size of Coles in Glenferrie and bought some tinned salad, bread, tinned sweet corn and we´re eating in.
C U later

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