Saturday, May 9, 2009


Not much time.
Left Lodeve by bus for Montpellier, then took train to Toulouise, then Bayonne. Stayed overnight so i could go to Decathlon and buy a poncho. At least now, if it rains I´ll be dry to start with.
Next day tiny train to St Jean Pied de Port. Most people on board were pilgrims. I got off, found my way and started walking to Valcarlos, about 8 km away. This was all on the road and part of the time was quite scary. The other route is far harder and longher, so out of the question for me.
Next day, up the winding road. Over 17 km ascended 1000 m. Got to top OK but wind so strong it took away my waterfproof cover for the sac. I am much more confident now with the Carrix. But the harness is a fool of a thing. I keep wishing I couold get one from MacPac: then it would fit, properly, each time. Got to Roncesvalles before 1pm but gee, it was hard. Still, easier route or not, ¡I crossed the Pyrenees! Spent a lot of time with Allan from Auckland, and his two sons Derek from Wellington and Robin from Gold Coast. Good people. Poor sleep. Snorers.
Woke with a terrible back, so sore I could not stand up straight so I tried to contact a guy to take my sac for me. Recorded message - lost my only coin, a Euro for goodness sake. Anyway, as I walked the back freed up and I actually have made it to Loan something or other, 6 km further than i made last time. And this time I don,t feel I have damaged myself! Bonus.
Tomorrow I go to Pamplona to pick up a parcel i sent myself and then it´s onward and upward again!

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