Sunday, May 3, 2009


This morning, walked to Grivac or some such place. (Went past an 11th C chapel. William 1’s time!) First bus did not show. Second came a little late and look about 30 minutes to drive to Lodéve. I’d never heard of this place but it is as lovely as the rest. Huge cathedral built on 6th century foundations, creek, closely packed houses, grand public buildings, parks, old men playing boules. All the towns I’ve visited have trees in the squares that look suspiciously like plane trees but they call plantane. In winter they chop the branches way back and in spring the new growth sprouts vertically so it is possible to wander and sit under the shade without ducking and weaving. In the park the trees are arranged in rows with sandy gravel between to accommodate the boules arenas. I will stay here two nights. Tomorrow I will bus then taxi to a 12th walled village called La Couvertouraide. I’ve heard only good reports of it and hope it doesn’t rain. Grey granite in the sun will photograph well but in the rain … Then I think I’ll have to return to Montpellier (it’s not far) to catch the train to Bayonne. It might be trains, find out tomorrow.
Gotta go, times up.

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